Framework for Metrics that Works

In my last blog post I discussed how driving change in an organization requires much more than just good faith, and how if we wish people to really start choosing differently from yesterday, those choices must be supported by incentives and followed-up upon by a solid set of metrics. This time, I would like to…

Creating Organization Designs that Matter

What is the first thing you felt when you heard that your company will undertake a full scale company reorganization? Chances are that majority of you felt first anxiety and concern over joy and excitement, which is a very natural response to any kind of change. Our resistance to change is, after all, so utterly…

How to Build Digital Transformation Roadmap

By now you and your company are convinced that digitalization is really happening and you should be surfing on the waves of digital transformation. There is no shortage of cool, hip technology out there which are better known by incomprehensible abbreviations and affiliated with terminology that makes you head spin. But as much as we…

Why Do the Mighty Fall?

Are you managing or working for a company that has been established in the 1970s? Congratulations – you have 92 % percent chance of surviving the next five years! How about you whose company has been founded between years 2000 – 2009? Well.. you still got 63 % chance of making it.

Digital Transformation: Learn to Fail Smart

Failure is a word that fits uneasily to management vocabulary. Admitting failure even less so. We have been taught to pursue and celebrate only success so what is all this talk about learning to fail fast and fail smart?

Digital Transformation: Experimenting Your Way

Digital transformation and disruptive technologies are changing the way companies are thinking about innovation. As innovation has stepped out of the confines of the R&D department and everyone is expected to become innovative, creative and designers of their own expertise, there is definite need for tools how to approach this new situation. One great way…

Digital Transformation: Innovation through Experimentation

In digital age, innovation has rapidly become understood as one of the critical business processes. Try and find a company vision, mission statement or strategy on a page –document without it having word “innovation” on it and you would probably fail.

Digital Transformation: Redesign Your Business

As part of natural evolution of the economy, we see new business emerging and old ones fading away. Digitalization has spiced up the process with speed and as new businesses are emerging and dying faster than ever, the average lifespan of an enterprise has dramatically shortened..

Digital Transformation: Choose Your Battles

There are a lot of myths out there regarding digital transformation. Earlier, digitalization was seen mostly focused on customer experience and being primarily about technology or B2C business. While it is true that B2B is going through digital transformation process more slowly, digitalization has actually proven to have a real impact on how business between…

Digital Transformation: Disruption Decoded

It is everywhere, the buzzword disruption. We have come to acknowledge and accept that the digital world order is changing everything from business to social environments, from machine to human interaction. It is highly likely that..